#8: Music Mondays

41/ Rolling in the Deep - Adele. This multi-award-winning English songwriter/singer has an intriguingly unique sound, one I've been listening to over and over lately.

42/ Her Black Eyes - Little Comets. There is just something about Robert Coles - the lead singer's - voice that makes me want to listen to more. They have this really great indie-rock sound that I'm truly digging at the moment.

43/ Ghost Woman Blues - The Low Anthem. Beautiful beautiful music, need I say more?

44/ Fragile Bird - City and Colour. When I first heard this single from his latest album, I couldn't believe that this was him. But of course, listen more closely and you can hear that gorgeous voice of Dallas Green. It took me a few listens to warm to this new sound from Green, but it's definitely a winner.

45/ Don't Sit Down 'Cause I've Moved Your Chair - Arctic Monkeys. They're headlining Southbound at the beginning of next year kids, so get ready! I sure hope they play a sideshow here in Perth.

PS. What's with all the gruesome hater comments on YouTube these days?

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