Colour power

Well, I am officially back from end-of-semester hibernation. I've handed in all of my final projects, including my Graduate Portfolio. It all feels kind of surreal knowing that my time as a student is over. The last few years have been truly incredible and I am incredibly grateful to all who have supported me through my studies, including my incredible family and close friends. And so now I commence my time in post-student-life limbo; pursuing travel and my career (in whatever order it may happen). Oh, and expect a hell of a lot more blogging.

I have a bunch of lovely things to share with you (I was going to begin blogging again sooner, but if you follow me on Twitter - @kiaramichellek - you'd know that I left my Macbook charger in the Mac labs at university).

"Black and white are the safe choices in the design world. The colour of luxury is elegant and subdued." I'll admit, I rarely take the 'explosion of colour' risk in any of my design work. But the use of bright colour is becoming more widely used in many areas. People are naturally wired to react to colour emotionally. "Perhaps it was the recessionary economy that enticed designers to use more colour, and attracted the rest of us to it. Whatever the underlying reasons, we see more colour and we love it." I know I love it.

Source/images: The Cool Hunter

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