#7: Music Mondays

36/ Land of the Bloody Unknown - The Middle East. The second single from their debut album 'I Want That You Are Always Happy' has a distinct Australian sound (apart from the lyrics, of course), which I think is what drew me to the song. I have no doubt (although early) that this will be a part of my Top 10 songs of 2011. I suggest you get your hands on their new album, it's brilliant.

37/ We Found Each Other in the Dark - City and Colour. I jumped straight on to the Triple J website as soon as I heard they were streaming the brand spankin' new album 'Little Hell' by Dallas Green. And I was not disappointed. Apart from his usual (and amazing) acoustic melodies, Green has introduced a new sound to City and Colour in this latest and third album.

38/ Calgary - Bon Iver. From Bon Iver's newly released album, how could I not share this one with you? Their music truly moves me, which I don't often get (Dallas Green is probably the only other artist that has the capacity to do so).

39/ Holdin on to Black Metal - My Morning Jacket. Loving the vintage feel of this song.

40/ Helplessness Blues - Fleet Foxes. Beautiful music, meaningful lyrics, pure footage. How can you not love this heavy harmony folk music? I suddenly feel like going on a road trip with three of my closest friends to the country.

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