#5: Music Mondays

Introducing MMM (Mega Music Mondays), with double the amount of amazing music - because I get busy and miss blogging on some Mondays.

21/ The Funeral - Band of Horses. It was released way back in 2006, The Funeral was their first single from their debut album. It was also voted as the 67th greatest song of the 2000s. I could easily listen to it over and over again.

22/ The White Line - Bonjah. I actually wanted to post this one a couple of Mondays ago but I couldn't find it anywhere online. Finally found it fresh out of the box. It's definitely one of my most played and most enjoyed new songs at the moment.

23/ Eyes Wide Open - Gotye. First heard it on Triple J (duh) and have loved it ever since. I'm seeing Gotye in May, and I'm very much looking forward this one live.

24/ Time to Wander - Gypsy & the Cat. Easily one the new up and coming bands, and this is one of my favourite songs of theirs. I was listening to JJJ on the way to uni the other day and they were discussing the surge of amazing Australian music talent emerging at the moment. And I'd have to agree, I believe we have one the best, if not the best, music scenes.

25/ Not in Love - Crystal Castles feat. Robert Smith. Crystal Castles paired with Robert Smith. What more must I say?

26/ Come Around - Tim & Jean. I saw this young duo early last year and was wildly impressed. I'm kind of over this type of music genre now (you've got to admit it was so overdone), but Tim & Jean are definitely bringing it back for me.

27/ Sum of it All - The Herd. I'm a fan of Aussie hip hop and these guys make some great tunes (they're so damn catchy!!!!).

28/ Jump into the Fog - The Wombats. This is their first single released from their high anticipated new album This Modern Clitch. I saw The Wombats live at Parklife last year, and were my favourite act of the festival. So you can imagine my disappointment when they pulled out of Groovin' the Moo (Bunbury) this May, especially with their new album out. OH WELL.

29/ Rope - Foo Fighters. A couple of Friday's ago the Foo Fighters (that's right, all five of them) co-hosted the morning show. I sat in my car parked at uni for about 10 minutes before I could move myself to class. It was really interesting listening to them, and particularly about their new album, which they recorded in Grohl's garage. Apparently it has a really nice raw sound, and they're back to their rock grunge style. I have to admit, I'm excited for the release. Listen to the podcast.

30/ Your Love - The Aston Shuffle. My lovely friend Brooke suggested I put this one up on Let it run free. The video clip is awesome, with fab typography, illustration, animation and graphics. Watch it, watch it. My friend Brooke also just happens to be a very talented graphic designer, so deifnitely take the time to check out her designs at BEG Design on Facebook.

If anybody else has any suggestions for Music Mondays, please tweet me the song name/artist or video clip lin@kiaramichellek.

Happy Monday!

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