I absolutely adore these handmade screen prints by coniLab, and their cute little messages. My favourite is the 'Do what you love' and 'Love what you do' prints.


By Hoogesteger

I think I have a thing for juice at the moment, but how could one resist this packaging for Hoogesteger by Design Bridge. It's simple, informative and looks delicious.


Travis and Heidi

This is my favourite couples dance (Travis and Heidi) over all the American and Australian So You Think You Can Dance seasons. It's a routine I will always remember. Mia Michaels is truly a sensational choreographer, and a 'designer' of movement through the human body. Enjoy.


Keegan Gibbs

As soon as I laid eyes on these bright, sunny, authentic photographs by Keegan Gibbs I was completely immersed in the care-free, youthful culture they portray. Since graduating from film school, Keegan Gibbs has spent his time surfing, traveling, hanging with friends and meeting new people, and shooting the elements and individuals that make up his life along the way. I believe I am in-love with his photography and lifestyle.

Check out the rest of his incredible work:
thekeegangibbs.com (blog)

Ask Alice

This eco-loving, tree-hugging Ask Alice Stationary is to die for. What is not to love? All production is local/fair trade to Australia, environmentally friendly, low cost and made with love. Their adorable stationary range includes envelope sets, postcards, sketchbooks, gift tags, blank books, pocket books, greeting cards and much more.

Official website: www.askalicestationery.com
Blog: askalicestationery.blogspot.com
Catalogue: issuu.com/askalice
Shop: askalice.bigcartel.com


#6: Music Mondays

31/ Sleeping Sickness - City and Colour. Dallas (a city) Green (a colour) is playing in Perth tonight, and I am feeling pretty devastated right now that I missed out on tickets. I'm just going to have to listen to them over and over tonight really really loud.

32/ Happiness by the Kilowatt - Alexisonfire. Dallas Green is also the front man of Alexisonfire who I also quite enjoy. I'd say this is my favourite song of theirs, along with a few others. He has an amazing voice.

33/ All Mine - Little Red. If you don't have Little Red's album Midnight Remember, you're seriously missing out. Get it and play it on repeat, particularly this song, though they're all amazing.

34/ Breathe Me - Sia. She has an incredible voice and produces incredible music, including this beautiful single. I've featured her before, and I'll probably continue to do so.

35/ Cardigan Weather - Meg & Dia. I think I first discovered Meg & Dia on Myspace (haha) many many many years back. Their recordings are super raw and their voices are gorgeous. Definitely check out the lyrics of this one, it's a bit psychopathic. My favourite one of theirs to sing along to.

Tomato Soup

Tomato Soup, a brand new font, is by designer Mary Iglesias. For me, the most inspirational part of a design, and in this case typography design, is the process.


Riot Homme

This is the sneak peak of graphic designer Julian Kahlon and photographer Basilio Silva's book collaboration. And I must say, I'm looking forward to the release of the whole book!


"Roisin is a set of Initial Caps, which is inspired by Victorian typefaces. The highly decorative swashes combined with the constructed letterform reflects the new-meets-the-old aesthetic of European cities."

More work by designer Marta Podkowinska at Poster Page via Cargo Collective.



This was actually quite an interesting piece of work from designer Joe Stephenson, as its purpose was to encourage more designers to visit and use the Fedrigoni Showroom (a place that showcases fine papers) in London. The solution was Fedrigoni's Gelateria, an summer evening event featuring a vintage street vending gelato cart. This was to be a place where guests could cool off with a scoop of gelato, whilst enjoying authentic Italian street music, collect paper samples and acquainting themselves with the showroom. All materials and decorations are made from the Fedrigoni paper stock.