Enjoy the Ride

I thought I'd share with you a locally made campaign by 303 for The Office of Road Safety WA, which was just launched on Sunday night. I didn't watch it on TV, despite my 303 friends best efforts on Facebook, though being an advertising student I couldn't help watching it online. It most certainly is a new approach to reducing speed on WA roads, something that I've never seen before. It is obvious that the usual shock/gore/emotional manipulation approach to reducing speed does not work, so it's great to see a new direction (based on the fact that 70% of people with busy lifestyles admit to speeding). I definitely believe the execution could be more exciting visually (the copywriting is nice), however they're on the right track with the concept. The way I see it is that we all have a busy day-to-day schedule (the reason I haven't blogged for a week) so why not take a breath and enjoy the time you spend in your car. Enjoy sitting down, driving, listening to music, because it's kind of like a break from your busy lifestyle. And speeding only gets you somewhere a few minutes faster at best, so what's the point?

I'm also impressed with the online hub (Enjoy the Ride), which kind of brings everything together. I like the focus on lifestyle, and how the whole campaign links speeding in life and in your car. 


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