You Stockholm

Stockholm based design agency 25ah have developed charming visual identity for hairdressing salon You Stockholm.  Behind the concept is incredibly successful hair dresser Steve Terry, well known for his warm personality and love for the profession.


Please excuse...

... the lack of blog posts over the last couple of weeks. Trying to juggle university assignments, competition briefs (which are due this Sunday), work and my social life can get pretty hectic, and during these busy periods the quantity of blog posts may subside. Keep checking back because no doubt I will be blogging like crazy again very soon! (Or follow me on Twitter for blog updates).


Enjoy the Ride

I thought I'd share with you a locally made campaign by 303 for The Office of Road Safety WA, which was just launched on Sunday night. I didn't watch it on TV, despite my 303 friends best efforts on Facebook, though being an advertising student I couldn't help watching it online. It most certainly is a new approach to reducing speed on WA roads, something that I've never seen before. It is obvious that the usual shock/gore/emotional manipulation approach to reducing speed does not work, so it's great to see a new direction (based on the fact that 70% of people with busy lifestyles admit to speeding). I definitely believe the execution could be more exciting visually (the copywriting is nice), however they're on the right track with the concept. The way I see it is that we all have a busy day-to-day schedule (the reason I haven't blogged for a week) so why not take a breath and enjoy the time you spend in your car. Enjoy sitting down, driving, listening to music, because it's kind of like a break from your busy lifestyle. And speeding only gets you somewhere a few minutes faster at best, so what's the point?

I'm also impressed with the online hub (Enjoy the Ride), which kind of brings everything together. I like the focus on lifestyle, and how the whole campaign links speeding in life and in your car. 




"Annual report for Anthon B Nilsen, an over 100 year old company that operates in the fields of property, education and recycling. What a man carries in his pockets can tell a lot about a person, and Anton B Nilsens largest resource is their employees; the individuals behind the scene. By documenting the company from the inside, by showing their employees belongings rather than just their faces, we come to know the company at a personal level. Print finishing includes black foil blocking and mainly recycled paper stocks."

I've featured Heydays Design work here before, and this is just another piece of work I adore. Just by viewing their work you can see the extensive thought process behind each piece, through concept, detail and quality.


Mr Yen

Sorry about the excessive stationary posts, but I just can't help it! I've found some really amazing work, which I have to share with you.

These lovely paper cut designs were created by Mr Yen, who began his collection of stationary and paper goods in 2009. I love his intricate yet simple paper cut goods, in particular the lampshades and notebooks (yes, I have a thing for cute notebooks).

To see more, go to: mr-yen.com and mr--yen.blogspot.com.


Archie Grand

I stumbled across Archie Grand designer notebooks quite some time ago, so I thought I would share them with you. Each book has a theme, such as 'Writers I have met and liked' or 'Fashionistas I have met and liked' or 'Copywriters I have met and liked' (you get the idea anyway). I love the huge range of bright colours they are available in and they look so well made and durable. Also, I can't help loving a notebook with rounded corners. They would make a lovely present.

Check them out yourself: www.archiegrand.com


When bored

No but seriously, you must add these two websites to your bookmarks/favourites for the next time you have nothing to do (or in my case have heaps to do but still finds time to read).

Do it.


#4: Music Mondays

16/ Contact High - Architecture in Helsinki. It's their new single, and I can't get enough! I can't wait to go crazy for this song playing live in a couple of months. I saw them live a couple of years ago, and they seriously go right off.

17/ Colours - Grouplove. After hearing this, I'll be looking forward to getting my hands on their EP.

18/ When You Wake Up - Best Coast. Great band, a sweet chilled out song. Easy listening for sure.

19/ Teenage Crime - Adrian Lux. Lots of lows and highs, really dig this one. And of course was in my JJJ shortlist.

20/ Dog - Andy Bull feat. Lisa Mitchell. Another one that got played like crazy as soon as I got it. Andy Bull is coming to Australia soon, supporting Hungry Kids of Hungary "The Final Escapade" tour. Details at the Live Guide.


Brazillian photographer Carlos takes very distinctive images, obviously identified by his colour and contrast choices, and influence of surrealism. My favourite photograph of his is the last one featured above, with great angles and a completely abstract scene. I also enjoy his work with different perspective, which is something I want to push with my own layouts and work.



The following are a series of photographs I love from one of my favourite fashion blogs JAK & JIL. Tommy Ton captures the high fashion, high octane, behind the scene's energy of fashion weeks and global fashion events all over the world. If it's sartorial inspiration you want, it's this blog you're after.