Travel diary

I was going to do something like this to document my last trip to New Zealand, however I found that we were so busy snowboarding, eating and drinking that there was little time to write about what we did each day (I got a few days down, especially at the beginning, but it just got too hard after that). Also, we stayed in the same place the whole time and did pretty much the same things. But for future travel, I would love to create a memento like this. I did actually create a photographic catalogue for one of my graphic design electives last semester, featuring my trip, so maybe I'll take some photos and post that up soon.

GrafikWar's Travel Diary was a personal print project portraying travel through Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Canada. With it's simple layouts and fabulous photography, it definitely makes you want to see more (seriously, click 'more' to see the entire diary).

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Amy said...

What do you think about Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay? Because I'll be staying in a buenos aires apartment for a month because of my job... and then I'm thinking to use the days that belong me for vacations so I can visit Argentina and other places around South America. I'd love to take good pictures of this part of the world.. I don't know why but I have a feeling that it would give some peace to my life..
well anyway I wanted to know your opinion... do you think I should use that free days, and to spending them on South America? what would you do if you were me?
Hope you don't mind answer...