Black Sunday

I took these photographs on the evening of the 6th February, 2011. Smoke filled the air of Perth as an uncontrolled and unpredictable bush fire raged through the foothills just a few minutes away. Although the fire is now completely contained, it has left 72 homes completely destroyed and another 32 damaged.  It was pretty devastating watching family's homes being engulfed by flames on television, only to realise that one of these was a friends house. Thank goodness nobody was seriously injured or worse. The police and firemen did an incredible job.

Nature truly is incredible, at the worst of times, as Australians have witnessed a lot this year. On this side of the country we're experiencing destructive bush fires and drought, and on the other Category 5 cyclones and extreme flooding.

Unfortunately (due to my own neglect) my DSLR ran out of battery charge, so I was unable to get any great shots of the smoke that evening. From that same view point on my road later that night, the hill across was silhouetted a bright orange glow and dotted with spot fires. It was destructively beautiful.

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Your BROTHER!! said...

Rookie mistake with the old battery running out!