#3: Music Mondays

11/ Body in a Box - City & Colour. Dallas Green is one of my all time favourite artists, and this is my favourite song, without a doubt. I'll listen to City & Colour in a few decades time and still love them. They're coming to my city this year, but I missed out on tickets. :(

12/ I Need a Dollar - Aloe Blacc. Catchy and oozes coolness.

13/ It Can Wait - Illy feat. Owl Eyes. First heard it one night on the way back from uni on JJJ. And great lyrics.

14/ I Go to Sleep - Sia. When I first heard this one I balled my eyes out. Enough said.

15/ Ready to Start - Arcade Fire. If you haven't already listened to their album The Suburbs. Do it. NOW! It was voted the #1 album of 2010 on many charts (the good ones at least).




Woodhouse branding by Heydays Design, check out the thought behind it:

"New identity, packaging and web design for the Norwedian wood supplier Woodhouse. Woodhouse has a strong focus on quality and product innovation, and is a family owned company run by the second generation. Woodhouse represents suupliers from all over Europe to buy and sell timber, boards and construction materials.

We wanted to create a unique and down to earth identity that stood out in the B2B market they operate in. Our approach was to visualize a really close connection to the products they work with everyday, using selected wood materials and strong grapjic images of base materials in different stages of the process. The logo and diagonal matching mattern creates associations with the wood boards and holds everything together."


Lee never waste

As soon as I saw this I had to put it up on my blog, and every image I could find of it. HOW FLIPPIN' COOL IS IT! Happy Creative Services created this 100% reusable shopping bag for Lee.

"With the relevance of eco-friendly initiatives increasing every day, Lee wanted an innovative solution that would display their affiliation towards the same and also spread the message amongst their customers. To drive the message home in a fun and effective way, we went for something a bit more inventive than just a bag made of recycled paper. The ‘Never Wasted’ shopping bag that can be reused in one way or another. Some for fun, some for function, but nothing ever goes into the trash. Not only did this make the idea long-lasting and interactive but also conveyed the message in a fascinating manner. A surge in interest from patrons forced us to produce 100 times more bags than the initial production of 3,000 bags."
I want one! Or three.


UO Jewellery

These jewellery packaging designs by Dante Iniquez were created for a school assignment, where students were given the opportunity to redesign existing packaging. Iniquez redesigned the packaging system for the Urban Outfitters jewellery collection. Using great angles and cuts, the designer has created a natural looking and environmentally friendly set of boxes. I'm a big fan of UO and I have over three-years experience in the jewellery industry, so I guess that is why I have featured this wonderful student work.


#2: Music Mondays

6/ Pumped Up Kicks - Foster the People. One of my favourite up and coming bands at the moment. This sing was my Number One vote for the Hottest 100 of last year, with its original sound and meaningful lyrics.

7/ Helena Beat - Foster the People. I had to feature their new single as well, which is featured on their EP. It took me a little while to get into this one, though I now love it. It's still nowhere as awesome as Pumped Up Kicks, but definitely a keeper. 

8/ When They Fight They Fight - The Generationals. This was released back in 2009 (I'm pretty sure), but I still get into it. Definitely dig The Generationals sound.

9/ Buy Nothing Day - The Go! Team. I'm seeing them perform in May and I can't wait!

10/ Zorbing - Stornoway. My friend Josie is obsessed with this song, so I thought I'd put it up for the week. Plus, the music video features a bit of eye candy, so why not!


Vi Novell

This wine packaging by Atipus caught my attention straight away and I was immediately intrigued at the thought behind the design, particularly the reason for the pig and knife (as I don't naturally associate either of them with wine). Turns out Vi Novell is a fresh and fruity wine that has to be consumed soon after it is produced, which happens to coincide with the pig slaughter and has become a popular event.


Travel diary

I was going to do something like this to document my last trip to New Zealand, however I found that we were so busy snowboarding, eating and drinking that there was little time to write about what we did each day (I got a few days down, especially at the beginning, but it just got too hard after that). Also, we stayed in the same place the whole time and did pretty much the same things. But for future travel, I would love to create a memento like this. I did actually create a photographic catalogue for one of my graphic design electives last semester, featuring my trip, so maybe I'll take some photos and post that up soon.

GrafikWar's Travel Diary was a personal print project portraying travel through Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Canada. With it's simple layouts and fabulous photography, it definitely makes you want to see more (seriously, click 'more' to see the entire diary).


NY Fashion Week: Designers inspiration

I often find myself browsing through fashion blog after fashion blog. What I find interesting is peoples inspiration for what they wear and how it contributes to their individual style. I recently has a discussion about personal style and that it is a progression over time. For most people, their style will forever change according to their age, the current trends and their lifestyle. This morning I was inspired by The New York Times and their video featuring the trends for the recent MB Fashion Week. I recommend you watch it even if you're not overly into fashion, as the wrap-up draws on each designers inspiration for their season looks. I found it very interesting to see how they manage to take styles from different eras and cultures to create something new.

Here's the video:

$279 for a pack of twelve

It's a hoax of course, but I enjoyed the humour behind it nonetheless. Oh, and I didn't really know what to label this post, so umm, packaging? :)


VW trucks

Cute concept and lovely SMP for Voltswagen Trucks.


#1: Music Mondays

1/ Fall at your feet - Boy and Bear. Easily one of the best (if not the best) cover I have ever heard. I remember listening to this Like a Version it for the first time on Triple J (99.3) in my car and completely falling in love. I couldn't find an MP3 version of it for ages so I constantly had it playing from YouTube. It was also in my Top 10 votes for the Hottest 100.

2/ Villages - Alpine. As soon as this song plays, it immediately catches my complete attention. I love acoustic music, so this combined with its catchy beat make it one of my favourite songs at the moment.

3/ Run, Wild - Dead Letter Chorus. Who can resist such a lighthearted, fun and youthful song, with a great natural beat?

4/ Beautiful Trash - Lanu feat. Megan Washington. After a few replays of this song you're hooked.

5/ Under Cover of Darkness - The Strokes. And of course I just had to feature The Strokes newest single. I've heard both good and bad reviews so far, but to be honest, I like it. They still sound the same, which isn't at all a bad thing. This will be on my playlist for sure.

Hope you enjoyed my very first Music Monday. It isn't too hard finding great tunes, in fact it's hard condensing it to just five!


If you leave

These contemporary photographs by Laurence Von Thomas belong to the 'If you leave' collection, which are concerned more on each single image, rather than as a body of work.