I've been terribly lazy for the last couple of weeks and, as a result, I have severely neglected my blog. I've been too busy working, and actually making some sort of income, to spend a huge amount of time online. I'll admit to going to bed early most nights, compared to my usual midnight (or later) bed time. On a good note, I have been waking up super early.

This year has also been rather eventful in Australia, with floods covering three-quarters of Queensland and raging bush fires over the other side, and let's not forget the flooding that occurred in Carnarvon last month. The extremes and force of nature is truly incredible, and since this is an inspiration blog, I will say how these tragic events really do inspire people to gather as a community. The mateship and strength of these people are incredible, and it really does make me proud to live here.

Anyway, on to the design side of inspiration. Luckily, it isn't hard to find visually inspiring designs online. I found these lovely illustrations by Orlando Aquije on Behance Network (surprise surprise).

Click on the images for more detail (or just go to Behance).

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