Yeah, I just love this outfit. The warm colours, the fur, the scarf... chic ensemble.


Plant your dreams

“The actual tulip flowers and their unique names (e.g. Red Emperor, Pink Diamond, Sweetheart, etc.) inspired me to create a series of ecological and interactive self promotion package-gifts for 2011 containing tulip bulbs. The illustrations created on the packs were inspired by the name of each unique tulip.”

I very much like this packaging design by Sophia Georgopoulou, with its playfully organic and freehand aesthetics. A cute gift.


Anna & Marina

Beautiful identity design for new Russian premium and luxury brand Anna & Marina, by the Province Design Studio.


Oxfam goes vintage

It's copy like this that makes me want to be a copywriter (click on the images for larger size), a fun set to write I think. But then again, that art direction is superb, from RKCR, London. A very different direction for Oxfam, I'm impressed.


Workable fixative

I absolutely adore Pippa's Workable Fixative, which displays her fabulous fashion illustrations featuring designs from Aurelio Costarella, Alexander McQueen, Lanvin, Christian Lacroix, Chanel and more. Definitely images I'd love on my walls.


The girl in the straw hat

I want a straw hat like this, actually, exactly like this. The only one I've found was much much too big for my head!


Thanks to Twitter's 'Who to follow', I found Kate Bingaman Burt and her drawings about consumerism. She has been drawing what she buys everyday since February 5th, 2006, known as her 'Daily Drawings'. Like lots of people I've studied with, she too hated drawing, so she started drawing and now loves it (obviously). Seriously cool. Check out her hundreds of illustrations at katebingamanburt.com and theOKBB.tumblr.com.



Felt & Wire

"Felt & Wire Shop is a curated marketplace of designer papergoods. Whether you’re looking for a unique gift or elegant note cards, you’ll find everything from beautifully crafted letterpress cards and thank you notes to engraved social stationery. There’s also unique holiday gift wrap, handmade journals, and sketch books. Felt & Wire Shop is also a great source for limited edition posters, prints and artists books that you won’t find anywhere else."

And who can resist letterpress and handmade journals?



(Image credits: Behance Network)

These incredibly unique illustrations belong to Violet Hernández. The images have a somewhat delicate quality. I highly recommend you visit soyvioleta.com, where you can view her portfolio, along with a number of her sketchbooks and processes. 

Paper & Love

 (Image credits: Behance Network)

Fabulously constructed typeface, with an interesting concept and great use of origami folds, by Chris Berthe.



I guess you could say I appreciate great design, from interior, advertising, fashion and beyond. Prior to my realisation that I can not sew to save my life (I even had lessons, and my tutor gave up on me), I spent the majority of high school wanting to pursue fashion design. I spent all my free time sketching clothing collections. That passion still exists, with a lot of the blogs that I follow being fashion based. A favourite is fashiontoast (image credit), written by Rumi Neely.