Visual Aid

"The are times in your life when you find yourself pondering basic general knowledge questions and your gaps in information. So, if you've passed through education and still find yourself asking Where's your liver? or What beats a full house in poker? and are too embarrassed to ask, the book can help."



John Paul Thurlow, of London, has created these pencil illustrations, which are the magazine/record covers he owns recreated in his own style - "And with each cover I take a perfect mass-produced object and turn it into a fucked up one-off, full of my thoughts and feelings."

Check out his Covers series and other bits 'n pieces: John Paul Thurlow.

Source/images: The Import


#8: Music Mondays

41/ Rolling in the Deep - Adele. This multi-award-winning English songwriter/singer has an intriguingly unique sound, one I've been listening to over and over lately.

42/ Her Black Eyes - Little Comets. There is just something about Robert Coles - the lead singer's - voice that makes me want to listen to more. They have this really great indie-rock sound that I'm truly digging at the moment.

43/ Ghost Woman Blues - The Low Anthem. Beautiful beautiful music, need I say more?

44/ Fragile Bird - City and Colour. When I first heard this single from his latest album, I couldn't believe that this was him. But of course, listen more closely and you can hear that gorgeous voice of Dallas Green. It took me a few listens to warm to this new sound from Green, but it's definitely a winner.

45/ Don't Sit Down 'Cause I've Moved Your Chair - Arctic Monkeys. They're headlining Southbound at the beginning of next year kids, so get ready! I sure hope they play a sideshow here in Perth.

PS. What's with all the gruesome hater comments on YouTube these days?

Brooklyn Gin

The first time I drank gin was last year in New Zealand (the Kiwi's are crazy for it), and though it was surprisingly tasty, I haven't had it since. But if I saw a bottle of Brooklyn Gin on the shelf, I'd buy it just to have it in my house. A design by Spring Design Partners, this bottle has character and reflects the essence of the brand and Brooklyn.

"Inspired by the ingenuity of Brooklyn, a sometimes gritty, but always soulful borough, our design solution blends old-world craftsmanship with today's artistic, vibrant culture. The bottle structure pays homage to the apothecary origins of gin, reinforcing its place in the new speakeasy, while the medallion label - stamped in metal - celebrates the authentic spirit at the core of the brand."

Source/images: The Dieline



At university, we learnt to appreciate simple ideas, and slowly but surely, we came up with them as well. I stumbled upon this super simple yet effective magazine print advertisement for Wonderbra (agency unknown - if you know, let me know).

Source/images: Bored Panda


#7: Music Mondays

36/ Land of the Bloody Unknown - The Middle East. The second single from their debut album 'I Want That You Are Always Happy' has a distinct Australian sound (apart from the lyrics, of course), which I think is what drew me to the song. I have no doubt (although early) that this will be a part of my Top 10 songs of 2011. I suggest you get your hands on their new album, it's brilliant.

37/ We Found Each Other in the Dark - City and Colour. I jumped straight on to the Triple J website as soon as I heard they were streaming the brand spankin' new album 'Little Hell' by Dallas Green. And I was not disappointed. Apart from his usual (and amazing) acoustic melodies, Green has introduced a new sound to City and Colour in this latest and third album.

38/ Calgary - Bon Iver. From Bon Iver's newly released album, how could I not share this one with you? Their music truly moves me, which I don't often get (Dallas Green is probably the only other artist that has the capacity to do so).

39/ Holdin on to Black Metal - My Morning Jacket. Loving the vintage feel of this song.

40/ Helplessness Blues - Fleet Foxes. Beautiful music, meaningful lyrics, pure footage. How can you not love this heavy harmony folk music? I suddenly feel like going on a road trip with three of my closest friends to the country.


Double exposure

This is a personal project of Dan Mountford, called 'The Worlds Inside of Us', featuring a collection of double exposed portraits. They are intriguing and somewhat beautiful.

Source/images: Flickr and Behance Network.


Niki Pilkington

Niki Pilkington is a freelance fashion illustrator, predominately featuring pencil, ink and felt-tips in her work. She has a unique and up-to-date style, often adding three-dimensional elements to her illustrations with paper-craft and patters. I don't know about you, but I'm excited about Niki Pilkington's Limited Edition prints and framed originals, which are coming soon.

Source/images: Niki Pilkington.


Simply intricate

These incredible grey-scale sketches by Japanese artist Sagaka Keita don't seem anything out of the ordinary, until a closer look reveals that the image is made up of intricate drawings, such as monsters and other abstracted images.

Source/images: Sagaki Keita (for more mind-blowing pieces) and Design Taxi.



Book.ish is a web-based e-book platform. Book.ish removes the technical barriers in a fun, approachable, warm and welcoming manner, which is clearly reflected in its identity design by A Friend of Mine. The designers created a 'quirky bespoke typeface based on a pair of spectacles', which generates a flexible playful aesthetic that works individually and with the other elements. They took reference from classic literary production techniques (gilded page edges) to reflect (and respect) the past. Bookmarks were also used as promotional collateral material, which adds a whimsical sense of irony to the branding.
Sources/images: Booki.sh and A Friend of Mine.


Twitter diary

In high contrast to my last post, I am absolutely thrilled to have found this project by freelance designer Stephan Joch, currently based in Vienna. This self-initiated black and white A5 web-diary book is based on Twitter, listing every 'Tweet' he wrote for a whole year chronologically. Mixed in are photos that were taken on Joch's phone. He has combined the two mediums (web and print) by printing the photographs in the book in 72dpi screen resolution. This is such an original and creative concept, and who can resist that hand-crafted binding!

I highly recommend you check out his PDF portfolio.

Source/photos: Stephan Joch