Central Graduate Exhibition

Last night I went to the Central Institute of Technology Visual Art, Jewellery and Object Design Graduate Exhibition Launch, which was held at Gallery Central in Perth. The gallery was incredibly busy, so I'd say the night was a complete success for the graduating students and staff.

Rebecca Orchard "Feather" 2010Dragana AndjelicJennifer Audrey 2Jennifer AudreyGia ClarkeRobert John DarbourneJessica HolkerPatricia O'Connor

L/R: "Feather" Rebecca Orchard (this is featured as the front cover of the grad book), "Pattern Fusion 1/2" Dragana Andjelic, "Caught in Highlights" and "Time and Chance IV" Jennifer Audrey, "Biotica" Gia Clarke, "Tom" Robert John Darbourne, "Chair" Jessica Holker, and "The Dress" Patricia O'Connor.

I had some difficulty understanding a lot of the pieces on display, and in particular their purpose. But I suppose that not all of them are meant to be understood or have a purpose. Featured above are some of the works that did stand out to me and inspire me. The texture and mediums they explore is really quite lovely. I somewhat envy their ability to really experiment with what they do. It's something I should do, instead of sticking to what I know and not taking 'unnecessary' risks.

To be honest, I didn't get around to look at all the work, as I wore incredibly high heels and stood for almost an hour during the awards ceremony. One thing that struck me was the amount of sponsorship and support these students get, which I think is just brilliant. Their buildings and facilities are practically new and in great condition, something we don't have the luxury of, studying Design, at my university. Instead we have to deal with working on outdated platforms and limited amount of desk space in class. I wouldn't change it for the world though; you can't get better tutors than the ones we have.

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